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Project Proposal Letter:

Course 4. Parking in the City: Safety Tips and Time Efficiency

Subjects you are qualified to teach:
Driver’s Education

Professional/ Business Experience:
2000 – 2004 Driver’s Education Instructor, Edison High School

Educational Background:
1999 – Edison High School, Huntington Beach, CA

Course Description:
Students who enroll in Parking in the City will have an edge over any other city driver. In this class, students will learn to park heading straight into and backing into lots, on both sides of the street, and in compact alleyways. Students will also learn to efficiently park close to the mall or other consumer structures, so as not to waste time walking through a parking lot. Finally, some students will be sure to master the ability to multi-task while parking.

Course objectives:
Learning to park in city lots in order to reach the mall most quickly
Understand strategies for parallel parking
Differentiate between the parking space and its relationship to time efficiency
Safely demonstrate the ability to talk on the phone, eat take-out food, and park your car

Instructor information:
I have been teaching Driver’s Education classes for five years. I have only been in seven accidents (four of which were simple fender-benders) in these five years.

Special needs: One high-powered car, and a Student Driver sticker.

Course content (session by session):
Introduction to parking “rights” and “wrongs”
How to park the closest to a public building and understanding the meaning of colors on the street sidewalks
Parallel parking 101: strategies for successfully parking behind or in front of any car on both sides of the street
Instructor demonstration: multi-tasking in the car while parking in any situation
Hands-on training. Students take the driver’s seat at various parking experiences
Final test: students attempt the ultimate multi-task while parallel parking


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