Hug The Wild

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Project Proposal Letter:


--------------, ----- Dr., Los Angeles, CA 935---


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

March 28, 2006

Dear Governor of CA Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger,

My name is Shana Green, a professional artist and photographer. I work in the Public Relations and Advertisement firm BEST: Impressions, located in Los Angeles. From my experience in the media arena I have learned to create and execute strategic communications programs that help companies, agencies and individuals prosper in a digital economy. I have worked exclusively with actors, senators and other celebrities, providing expertise in global marketing, communications, crisis management, media relations, design, digital campaigns and more. I specialize in photography and digital media.

After watching and reading a wide array of articles about public relations strategies in Sweden, and through the application of powerful research-based methodology in my work I came up with an unparalleled, qualitative and quantitative technology-oriented idea for a campaign, focused on the present and future political success of the current CA Governor. I would like to share this idea with the Governor, in the hope that this will lead us to a fruitful work relationship in the near future.

As several European studies state, wild animals play a crucial role in communication and influence perceptions and reputations. Ultimately reputation is based on behavior, which is vital to any business success. In the political world it has been proved that candidates, who photograph themselves in outdoors landscape depicting calm green colors mixed with warm brown shades, have seen a strong increase in their positive public charisma. Researches done in the Far East have proved that political celebrities who show up in public carrying little children have gained conclusive emotional responses three times more than their competitors who have not reflected any nurturing spirit.

We know how much the state of California is proud of the very many local parks and wild life recreations. In particular, of course, the San Diego Zoo is the testament to that fact, with its innovative animals habitats and the rich and entertaining daily and nightly program. The zoo cares for over 3800 animals of 800 species and opens its doors to thousands of visitors every year. As an artist who has gained an extensive experience teaching art to children, I am aware to the impact that the zoo has on its citizens, especially the young ones.

My idea for the CA Governor’s political campaign blends together outdoors refreshing landscape with poignant interaction and child-like spirit, and offers to photograph the Governor, his staff, the senators of CA and their families outdoors hugging and playing with the wild animals of the San Diego Zoo.
I believe that this kind of campaign is a new model of supportive persuasion, where message application involves the simultaneous influence of public opinions and ultimately creates a long-term success. Having the heads of the state of California together with a fuzzy zebra, cuddly bear or majestic tiger will integrate the force of man and animal into the daily life of CA, prolonging political and personal strategies with tactical excellence.

I am offering the Governor a six months campaign called Hug the Wild and includes media articles, billboards, TV commercials, website photos and the creation of new slogans and general advertisement. As a supporter of the Governor Mr. Schwarzenegger way back from his first days in the U.S as a body builder, I’m proud to endorse the Governor for reelection and to offer my campaign idea free of charge. The only request is that following a signed contract my name will show on every print or digital photo depicting the state’s personnel hugging the animals.

Should you respond positively to this offer it will be my pleasure to meet with you in person to discuss my idea further.






Cc: District office, L.A office, 300 South Spring St., suite 16701, L.A, CA 90013
San Diego office, 1350 Front St., San Diego, CA 92101
The San Diego Zoo, P.O Box 120551, San Diego, CA 92112-0551



-------------, ------ Dr., Los Angeles, CA 935---


San Diego District Office
Suite 6054
1350 Front Street
San Diego, CA 92101


March 28, 2006

RE: A letter to the Governor Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger .

Enclosed please find a letter addressing the Governor of California Mr. Arnold Scwartzenegger and concerning the San Diego Zoo. I would like very much to receive your comments on this inquiry. Thank you.






--------------, ----- ---- Dr., Los Angeles, CA 935---


The San Diego Zoo
P.O Box 120551
San Diego, CA 92112-0551


March 28, 2006

RE: A letter to the Governor Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger .

Enclosed please find a copy of a letter addressing the Governor of California Mr. Arnold Scwartzenegger and concerning the San Diego Zoo. I would like very much to receive your comments. Thank you.






Response from Institution:



Artwork Created:

Cecile Kassner, ISRAEL | view biography

Cecile Kassner, HUG THE WILD campaign, acrylics on canvas , 50 cm X 70 cm

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