Survival Kits for Terrorist Attacks

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Project Proposal Letter:

Course 3. Survival Kits for Terror Attacks and Space Invaders

Subjects you are qualified to teach:
Organization, Surviving strategies for natural disasters

Professional/ Business Experience:
2000 – 2004 US Marine Corp Special Ops

Educational Background:
1999 – Shaker High School, Latham, NY

Course Description:
This course reveals organization and emergency plans that can make the difference between life and death in terrorist situations. Students will learn to prepare a survival kit for terror attacks of any level: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or indigo. Foreign space invaders present other obstacles for which students will be prepared at the end of the course.

Course objectives:
Identify the difference between all terror color indicators.
Prepare terror survival kits for each distinct situation.
Understand the relationship between terrorists and space invaders.
Demolish fear in the face of such adversities as terror attacks and space invaders.

Instructor information:
My unique experience with the United States Marine Corp has trained me to be prepared in any situation.

Special needs: One colored bag for each of the RoyGBiv spectrum for each student.

Course content (session by session):
Introduction to the terror color spectrum
Creating lists for various terror attack kits, how to prepare your home for future attacks
Space Invaders: they’re here and they’re queer. Surviving terrorists from any region.
A field trip to WalMart’s, where students will purchase all requirements for every survival kit .
Role Playing: students learn to react with dignity in terrifying situations.
Final discussion; students reveal their inner-most fears and use shout-and-deliver techniques to wipe away any residing fears of terror attacks. Using the awareness gained in this course, students will be prepared in any terror or attack situation.


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Artwork Created:

Deb Diehl, USA | view biography

Deb Diehl, Shelter-In-Place

Deb Diehl, Shelter-In-Place

Deb Diehl, Shelter-In-Place

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